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Rediscover your resilience with our stunning limited edition MOX BOX recovery kit, carefully curated to uplift your spirits! Whether you're sending it to a loved one or treating yourself to some well-deserved self-care, each item in this box is designed to infuse your recovery journey with a touch of luxury.


From soothing after-surgery essentials to items perfect for pampering after a challenging week, every product has been thoughtfully selected to aid in your speedy recovery. Whether you're recuperating from illness, surgery (including procedures like Brazilian butt lifts and mommy makeovers), welcoming a new arrival, or simply seeking solace after a tough time at work, this box is here to uplift and rejuvenate.


We hope that each item brings joy and comfort to you or your loved ones, and that it marks the return of your indomitable spirit. Embrace the journey to wellness with our MOX BOX – because every step toward recovery deserves to be celebrated with style and grace.


SKU: 19-1022X
  • Each MOX BOX includes:

    • CODE GREY tumbler and straw
    • 2 Tazo Green Ginger Tea bags
    • 2 Rishi Organic Herbal Tumeric Ginger Tea satchets
    • 6 Ginger chews
    • CODE GREY notebook and pen
    • CODE GREY shea butter infused socks
    • CODE GREY mentha lip gloss balm
    • 2 CODE GREY green tea plant enzyme masks
    • CODE GREY Firm serum
    • CODE GREY Soothe moisturizer
    • 4 Cora body cloths
    • CODE GREY argan oil
    • Hair claw and ponytail holders
    • Kleenex tissue
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